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Magnesium L-Arginine Cream-4oz.

Magnesium L-Arginine Cream-4oz.

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New and Improved Formulation with double the magnesium now has 3 Times the amount of magnesium than most topical magnesium oils. The revamped liposomal cream melts into the skin and penetrates much faster and deeper and does not leave the skin feeling oily and greasy or a lingering and visible magnesium residue. Our cream is the most concentrated magnesium topical you can find!  

Advantages of Liposomal Magnesium & L-Arginine:

  • New and Improved Formulation
  • Liposomal Delivery for Deeper Penetration/Absorption
  • 3 X More Magnesium Than Most Topical Oils
  • Fast and effective relief against muscle cramps*
  • Supports local nitric oxide production and circulation*
  • Great for use in therapeutic massage and sports recovery*
  • Soothes achy muscles and joints*
  • Helps to quickly reduce signs of bruising*
  • Synergistic Ingredients of Magnesium and L-Arginine
  • Helps to restore cellular magnesium levels*
  • Supports detoxification processes*


Extra Strength | Fast Acting Circulation and Recovery Cream

Our Magnesium & L-arginine Cream is a smooth, quickly absorbed liposomal preparation in a nourishing and moisturizing base of organic coconut oil and phospholipids. The cream is fragrance free and does not contain artificial preservatives.


Imagine all of the health benefits of taking a relaxing Epsom's Salt Bath Multiple Times a Day.

Our Liposomal Magnesium and Arginine cream combines two very synergistic ingredients to give you the instant benefits of and Epsom's Salt Bath multiple times per day without having to stop and soak in the tub. Our cream has over 3 Times more magnesium than what is typically found in a magnesium oil. And, the cream is quickly absorbed without the oily and greasy residue associated with topical oils.

Originally designed and intended to support circulation we have come to realize that its uses were only limited by our imagination.

How Can Use our Topical Magnesium and L-Arginine Cream.

Supports Circulation: Topically applied L-arginine may help blood flow and circulation, especially in the hands and feet, as well as other sensitive areas for both men and women.

Improves Magnesium Status: Topically applied, magnesium may restore cellular magnesium levels, act as a cellular protectant, and support detoxification.

Massage Therapy: before, during and after a massage our magnesium cream will help you to relax, sooth, recover...and just make you feel good.

Sports Endurance: Increased Cellular magnesium has been shown to improve a variety of sports metrics especially in muscle gains and physical endurance.

Sports and Muscle Recovery: Accelerate recovery! All of the health and recovery benefits of a good magnesium soak are jam packed into this cream. And all of the recovery benefits that come from being able to relax the muscles and tendons and improve blood flow properties are available as many times a day as needed and at your convenience.

Pulled Muscles: Apply to pulled muscles during the recovery process to stimulat

Muscle Cramps: Fast acting relief of muscle cramps with this quickly absorbed and fast acting cream. Experiencing leg cramps in your sleep? Apply before bedtime to reduce occurrence and severity.

Running and Endurance Athletes:
 Increasing cellular magnesium has a variety of health benefits especially in endurance sports where magnesium and l-arginine has been shown to reduce muscle fatigue and to speed up recovery. Improve performance and Reach New PR's by providing daily nourishment and maintenance to your over worked and over stressed muscles, tendons and joints.

Bumps and Bruises: Apply to bumps and bruises to help reduce inflammation at the source and to help reduce bruising. The combination of Magnesium and L-Arginine applied to bruises has been shown to reduce and eliminate bruising more quickly.

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