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Micro D3 wth K and Trace Minerals: Micro D3 Concentrate: Best Absorbed 10X Sub-Micron (Nano) Delivery System

Micro D3 wth K and Trace Minerals: Micro D3 Concentrate: Best Absorbed 10X Sub-Micron (Nano) Delivery System

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Micro D-3 is an optimized form of Vitamin D. And, unlike other Vitamin D, Micro D-3 is superior in particle size, delivery technology, absorption and bioavailability.  

Advantages of Micro D3:

  • Sub-Micron (Nano) technology increases absorption up to 10 times
  • Supports brain health and cognitive function*
  • Helps support and maintain a healthy immune system*
  • An essential nutrient that aids in Calcium absorption*
  • 240,000 IU's per bottle. 0.25ml delivers 1250 IU.

Vitamin D-3 doses have been steadily increasing from 400 IU to 2000 IU per day. And, in many cases, Doctors and Healthcare Professionals are recommending doses in excess of 5000 IU per day.

Because Micro D-3 leverages the power of our new breakthrough delivery system (M.E.D.S/NANO Technology), you can get up to 10 times more vitamin D into the blood and body when compared to ordinary soft gelatin capsules and other liquid formulations.


What is M.E.D.S Technology?

M.E.D.S Technology is our new and advanced way to solubilize lipids or lipophilic actives for dietetic applications. Our nano-emulsion technology utilizes smart, gentle and environmentally friendly methods, and adheres to a strict philosophy of using only natural and safe materials. The result is an unsurpassed delivery and bioavailability of essential fat soluble vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin D-3.

M.E.D.S (Nano)Technology's superior qualities include:
- All Natural Ingredients
- Smaller particle sizes (30-60nm)
- No synthetic emulsifiers
- Enhanced nutritional, physiological, and organoleptic profile

Multiple Studies Validate:

M.E.D.S Technology can withstand the harsh stomach environment, maintain its small particle size, cover a very large surface area, significantly increase bioavailability as well as deliver maximum concentrations of a desired nutrient faster and over a longer period of time.

Vitamin D-3 - An Indispensable Ingredient For Optimal Health

Vitamin D-3 is really a requisite vitamin for attaining all around good health. Yes, it is good for building strong healthy bones, but its role is so much more dynamic and complex. Without vitamin D, cells can not function properly and our brains could never have fully developed. Vitamin D can protect our brain as well. Vitamin D is a powerful antioxidant, it can increase neuron glutathione, and protect against neuro inflammation.

Studies show that most people, regardless of longitude and seasonal changes, are vitamin D deficient. Low levels of Vitamin D can have consequential adverse effects. The elderly are especially at risk and should have Vitamin D levels checked regularly to ensure the highest possible level is being reached and maintained.*


The role of Vitamin D-3 in the body is both holistic and physiological. Often overlooked beyond bone health, vitamin D is essential for reaching and maintaining all around optimal wellness. Optimized Micro D-3 is the most bioavailable form to effectively and safely increase vitamin D-3 levels.*

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Customer Reviews

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John Rowse
Micro D3 with K

Micro D3 with K is the most pro-active immune system boosting and skin protection product I have ever used (I am a thriving 84 yr old)). I have a live blood analysis lab and the condition of the blood cells reveals the effectiveness of this supplement. Your liposomal delivery system “packaging” lets the cell receptors readily accept the D3. Due to my age, I take additional micro zink supplement with it to multiply the effectiveness of Micro D3 with K in the cellular electro-chemical metabolic process

I highly recommend your quality products to customers I meet in my business.
Thank you for staying on the ball by marketing only “the best” effective products.

Best D I have used

This is my favorite Vitamin D product. It works great, tastes great and it's not too expensive. I live in Minnesota and my D level is always low. Since I've been using this product i have been well above normal and not deficient anymore. Definitely recommend this product.

Henry Lahore
My favorite form of Vitamin D

I have tried over 30 vendors of a variety of formsNanoemulsion clearly works faster than other forms which have to go thru the gut.For those with poor guts or COVID-19 the nanoemulsion can be applied topically and/or swished around inside of the mouth.Here is my extensive web page on the topic

Repeat customer and definitely recommend

The more research I have done on D3, the more I realize how much our body needs it and that just sunlight does not gives our body adequate D3. If it is due to Covid or overall body D3 levels, even on the sunniest days, your body cannot get enough because, per research, the sun and your shadow has to be in the right place or not enough D3. I never knew this. I thought sunlight is sunlight. I have my parents and 3 other friends, including myself, taking this product. Also, if you are concerned with Covid, NutraSal launched an all-in-one product that includes D3 and even zinc. It is called CDZ. Definitely recommend checking it out. Thanks NutraSal.