• Highly Recommend PPC

    I have been using PhosChol for over 10 years. It is an amazing product that I recommend to everyone I know who is serious about good health.

  • PhosChol Saved My Mother

    My mother is 85 and was struggling cognitively. I tried other PC products with little result. The switch to Nutrasal PPC made huge improvements in alertness and energy.

  • Nutrasal's Products are Best in Class

    I feel Nutrasal cares about me and my health. They have wonderful products and are always responsive to all of my questions and needs. I will always recommend them.

  • PPC Kids worked Great for My Son

    After a week of two tsp. per day I noticed significant improvments in mood, dispostion, eye contact, and speech. I wold definitely recommend this for kids.

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  • Proudly Made in USA

  • 100% Pure PPC

  • Free From GMO

  • Mfr. To cGMP Quality

  • 3rd Party Tested

Advanced Liver Science

Effective Evidence Based Liver Support. LiverFlo Products are unlike any other. Superior pharmaceutical grade quality and therapeutic dosing seperate LiverFlo from all other liver support products.

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Liposomal Magnesium

Imagine all of the soothing health benefits of a relaxing magnesium salt bath, multiple times a day, but without having to fill your tub. Originally designed to support peripheral circulation, we have come to realize that its uses were only limited by our imagination.

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Gold Standard PPC

PhosChol is the leading practitioner brand of Pure PPC. Since 1982, over 200 million doses have been administered by doctors in the United States alone. For Superior Quality, Efficacy and Results, healthcare practitoners always reach for PhosChol PPC.

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PPC Kids Liposomal

The same pharmaceutical grade PPC with a tasty orange cream flavor that makes administering to anyone a breeze. Great for adults too!

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Our Promise to You

Nutrasal is Family Owned. Our promise to you is simple. Produce the highest quality, evidence based, results driven products possible. No compromises. No Exceptions.