HSA & FSA Cards Accepted

Nutrasal HSA and FSA Card Accepted


Great News! HSA & FSA Cards Now Accepted

We are now accepting HSA and FSA Card transactions. This means you can now purchase our professionally formulated dietary supplements and nutraceuticals using your HSA or FSA Health Spending account.

The best part about using your HSA or FSA Card is you get to utilize your pre-tax savings to purchase nutritional health products. Savings are based on your tax bracket at filing.

There are NO SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS to make your purchase. You can simply use your card the way you would your Visa, Mastercard or American Express. We do not require any paperwork or a doctor’s referral in order to process your purchase. You can just add your items to your shopping cart and check out using your HSA Card. It’s that Simple.

You may want to check with your HSA/FSA account provider to see if they require any documentation or record keeping for your supplement purchases. And you may want to have your doctor’s referral on file in case of an IRS audit. We have additional information below to assist you in making your HSA or FSA purchases.

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Nutrasal HSA and FSA Cards Accepted